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Josie Clippinger-Pelch

Josie’s Bio: Ok, so I have managed to miss all the reunions so far and just when I think I can’t miss this one…I have my godparents 50th anniversary set a month after the reunion is set…AAAAAAHHHHHH!  Why couldn’t they be closer together??  Anyhow, I am married, for 24 years this June, have 3 kids (2 stepsons in their 30’s, 1 daughter, 19), I live in one of the most beautiful places ever, Hawaii, and I am a Surgical Assistant at Straub Medical Center. My husband, Chuck manages property, my daughter, Randi, works for Audi, my son, Travis, makes signs for an outfit  here, and the other son, Ryan, lives in North Dakota, burrrr!  I have lived in Hawaii since 1992. We left twice, but couldn’t stay away too long, just had to go back to the sandy beaches and sunshine. I was able to hook up with our good friend Angie Thompson, a couple of times while she lived on Maui, love ya girl!  I so wish I could be a part of this reunion…we’ll try again next time!  

Josie in 2019

Josie with her husband Chuck, daughter Randi, and son Travis.

I’ve spent some time with this awesome clan in Hawaii: there were laughs all around and fun times when we met up! I was amazed at how easy it was to pick up where we left off when I saw Josie for the first time in 25 years back in 2013 (?). Her husband had Anthony laughing like crazy, and sweet Randi was as cool as her mother always has been. I love and miss them already, and wish they could make it to the reunion! — Angie T

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  1. Josie, Thank you for taking the time to share with us about your life since ECHS. Sorry you can’t make it to our 30th ,you will be missed!

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